Grand Rapids, MI

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About Harsha

Hi there.!! 

My name is Harsha Gohil, I have been learning and doing Henna tattoo since 1995.! Henna is not only my hobby but its my passion and something I enjoy doing.! It was my  daughter and my family who inspired me to take my passion to the next level and that's when I decided to become a professional Henna Tattoo Artist.

I love to see the smile on the people who gets the henna tattoo and that's what makes my day awesome!



About Henna


What is Henna

Henna comes from a Henna plant known as Lawsonia inermis,  paste made of henna plant crushed leaves and twigs of henna plant.

  • Henna Tattoo is one of the natural way to get a temporary tattoo. It lasts about one to two weeks.!
  • Once dried, this henna paste leaves a natural dark orange to maroon temporary stain on body.